Daikin PERFERA Air Conditioning Multi Split FTXM35R Indoor 3.5kW/12000BTU

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Daikin PERFERA Air Conditioning Multi-Split Indoor Wall Mounted Unit, Model FTXM35R 3.5kW/12000BTU Standard A++ Inverter, R32, Built-in Wi-Fi
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Daikin PERFERA Air Conditioning Multi-Split Indoor Wall Mounted Unit, Model FTXM35R 3.5kW/12000BTU Standard A++ Inverter, R32, Built-in Wi-Fi

Explore Daikin’s innovative “Prefera” indoor unit, tailored specifically for their multi-split Air Conditioning systems. As a renowned manufacturer of advanced Air Conditioning solutions, Daikin seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into the “Prefera” unit to elevate your indoor living environment. From unparalleled energy efficiency to intelligent control options, Daikin ensures your comfort is at the forefront of modern air conditioning. Discover the remarkable features that make the “Prefera” indoor unit with built-in Wi-Fi an ideal choice for modern living within the Daikin multi-split Air Conditioning system.

Key Features:

Seasonal Efficiency: Achieve impressive seasonal efficiency values of up to A++ in cooling with the “Prefera” indoor unit, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency for your comfort.
Onecta App: Seamlessly manage your indoor climate using the integrated Onecta app. Control your Daikin multi-split Air Conditioning system with the “Prefera” unit from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet, whether connected to your local network or the internet.
Quiet Operation: Enjoy tranquility with ultra-quiet operation, as quiet as 20 dBA, guaranteeing a peaceful indoor environment.
Environmental Responsibility: By opting for the “Prefera” indoor unit with built-in Wi-Fi, you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint by 68% compared to R-410A, contributing to environmental preservation and lower energy consumption.
Econo Mode: Activate Econo mode to decrease power consumption, enabling the use of power-intensive appliances alongside energy savings.
Energy-Saving Standby Mode: In 25 and 35 class units, reduce current consumption by approximately 80% during standby mode, promoting energy efficiency.
Fan-Only Mode: Utilize the “Prefera” unit as a fan to circulate air without altering the temperature, providing continuous ventilation and comfort.
Comfort Mode: For 25 and 35 class units, the Comfort mode guarantees draft-free operation by directing airflow away from the body, ensuring consistent indoor comfort.
Powerful Mode: Choose Powerful mode for rapid heating or cooling; the “Prefera” unit seamlessly returns to its preset mode once the desired temperature is reached, enhancing the speed and efficiency.
Auto Cooling-Heating Changeover: Allow the “Prefera” unit to intelligently select heating or cooling mode to achieve the set temperature, ensuring year-round indoor comfort through effective control.
Indoor Unit Silent Operation: Indulge in a quieter environment with the “Silent” button on the remote control, which lowers the operational sound by 3dB(A), enhancing the peacefulness.
Vertical Auto Swing: Opt for automatic vertical movement of the air discharge flaps for efficient air distribution throughout the room with the “Prefera” unit.
Auto Fan Speed: The “Prefera” unit intuitively selects the necessary fan speed to reach or maintain your set temperature, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.
Fan Speed Steps: Customize your airflow with up to five fan speed steps, allowing you to fine-tune circulation to your preference with the “Prefera” indoor unit.
Dry Programme: Reduce humidity levels without affecting room temperature using the Dry programme, ensuring a comfortable and dry indoor environment.
Air Filter: Maintain a clean and healthy indoor atmosphere. The “Prefera” unit’s air filter efficiently eliminates airborne dust particles, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh and clean air.
24-Hour Timer: Set the “Prefera” unit to initiate operation at any time within a 24-hour period, allowing you to tailor your Daikin multi-split Air Conditioning system to your daily schedule.
Infrared Remote Control: Conveniently initiate, stop, and adjust the “Prefera” indoor unit from a distance using the included infrared remote control for seamless control.
Auto-Restart: Following a power outage, the “Prefera” unit automatically resumes operation with the original settings, guaranteeing uninterrupted comfort.


Warranty: This air conditioning system comes with 5-year manufacturer’s parts only warranty.


Daikin Perfera
Please Note; this air conditioning system has to be installed by an F-GAS Certified Installer in accordance with F-GAS regulations, and to validate and maintain the above manufacturer’s parts only warranty. We offer installation in most parts of UK, please contact us for installation price. Alternatively you may hire an F-GAS Certified Installer to install this system and provide us the evidence of it once installation is completed. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/214 on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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System Power: 3.5kW / 12000Btu

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