Mitsubishi Heavy Multi Split Air Conditioning ‘Outdoor Unit Only’ SCM41ZS-W

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The Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SCM41ZS-W multi-output heat pump systems—an exceptional solution that brings unmatched versatility and energy efficiency…
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Mitsubishi Heavy Multi Split Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit, Model SCM41ZS-W, 4.1kW / 16000Btu Standard A++ Inverter, R32,

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SCM41ZS-W multi-output heat pump systems—an exceptional solution that brings unmatched versatility and energy efficiency to your heating and cooling needs all year round. As full heat pump and air conditioning models, these systems ensure optimal comfort and performance.
One of the remarkable features of the SCM41ZS-W is its ability to connect various styles of indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This means you can mix and match a wide range of indoor unit types, allowing you to customize the system to suit different spaces and preferences.
Please note that the SCM41ZS-W is only compatible with SRK15-35ZSWF, SRK15-35ZSWB, SRK15-35ZSFT, and SKM15-35ZSP indoor units.
The SCM41ZS-W model utilizes the latest range of outdoor compressor units, setting new industry standards for energy efficiency (COP). With these advanced compressor units, you can enjoy both effective heating and cooling while keeping energy consumption to a minimum, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
To provide a seamless indoor climate experience, the SCM41ZS-W offers a wide selection of indoor unit types to suit different spaces and preferences. Whether you prefer the elegance of wall-mounted units, the flexibility of cassette units for larger rooms, or the comprehensive climate control of ducted systems, the SCM41ZS-W has the ideal match for you.
Additionally, you can choose between standard and high-efficiency wall-mounted models, further tailoring the system’s performance to your specific needs and preferences.
Controlling the indoor units is easy and intuitive, as each wall-mounted unit comes with its own individual handheld controller. Furthermore, Mitsubishi has embraced modern technology by incorporating Wi-Fi capability into these units. By simply downloading the app on your smartphone, you can conveniently control and adjust the settings from anywhere, offering you the ultimate in smart and connected climate control.
The Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SCM41ZS-W multi-output heat pump systems are designed to elevate your indoor climate experience. With their remarkable energy efficiency, wide range of indoor unit options, and advanced control capabilities, these systems offer a seamless and efficient way to maintain comfort throughout the year.
For more detailed information and specifications on the SCM41ZS-W and its compatible indoor units, please refer to the official product documentation. Upgrade your indoor climate experience with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries cutting-edge technology today.
Compatible Only With:
  • Please talk to our technical team for combination limitations
  • Maximum Indoor Units x 3
  • SKM15-25ZSP: Indoor Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units
  • SRK15-25ZSWF: Indoor Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units
  • SRK15-25ZSWB: Indoor Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units
  • SRK15-25ZSWFT: Indoor Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units
R32 is the next generation refrigerant that boasts nearly 70% lower Global warming potential rate that R410A. Due to its superior qualities R32 offers amazing energy efficiency benefits. It has a potential refrigerating effect 1.5 times that of R410A meaning it needs less energy to achieve the desired temperature and requires less refrigerant volume to operate.

Warranty: This air conditioning system comes with 7-year manufacturer’s parts only warranty.

Please Note; this air conditioning system has to be installed by an F-GAS Certified Installer in accordance with F-GAS regulations, and to validate and maintain the above manufacturer’s parts only warranty. We offer installation in most parts of UK, please contact us for installation price. Alternatively you may hire an F-GAS Certified Installer to install this system and provide us the evidence of it once installation is completed. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/214 on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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System Power: 4.2kW / 16000Btu

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