Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning FDE71VH / FDC71VNP-W

" 7.1kW/24000Btu 1PH 'Standard Inverter' "


Mitsubishi Heavy Standard Inverter Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning FDE71VH / FDC71VNP-W 7.1kW/24000Btu Single Phase
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Mitsubishi Heavy Standard Inverter Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning FDE71VH / FDC71VNP-W 7.1kW/24000Btu Single Phase

The PAC range Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pump systems is ideal for air conditioning offices, shops, restaurants and bars…, as well as other commercial environments. The modern and attractive design of MHI indoor units is harmoniously integrated in the any atmosphere creating a pleasant and relaxing environment. The whole range is characterised by high flexibility, high energy efficiency an extremely low noise levels.

Key Features:

  • High efficiency – Energy efficiency was improved by use of DC fan motor & high efficient heat exchangers
  • Reduction of weight – Thanks to decreasing the numbers of fan motor from two to one, reduction of weight was achieved
  • Quieter noise – The industry’s lowest sound pressure levels were achieved by decreasing air flow volume, decreasing pressure loss with employment of one fan motor and optimising casing and distributor shape
  • Flap control system – The flap can swing within the range of upper and lower flap position selected
  • Motion sensor (option) – Motion sensor is equipped in the panel and detects the presence/absence and activity of human in a room to improve the comfort and energy saving performance of the unit
  • Improve installation workability – The refrigerant pipe from the unit can be arranged in three directions rear, right and up. The drain pipe can be arranged in two directions, left and right. This will allow a free layout of piping for various installation conditions. The unit can only be serviced from the bottom
  • R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change

Warranty: This air conditioning system comes with 7 years manufacturer’s parts only warranty.

MHI Ceiling Suspnded FDE71VH:VNP
Please Note, this air conditioning system has to be installed by an F-GAS certified installer in accordance with F-GAS Regulations, and to validate and maintain the above manufacturers parts warranty, we have teams of installers and service engineers nationwide and we’d like to install this system for you, please contact us for installation price. Alternatively you may hire an F-GAS certified installer to install this system and provide us the evidence of it once installation is completed. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.


System Power: 7.1kW / 24000Btu

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