Panasonic TZ Wall Mounted Air Conditioning CS-Z50ZKEW / CU-Z50ZKE

" 5.0kW, A++ Inverter 'Built-in Wifi' "


Panasonic TZ Air conditioning range, Compact and elegant design with only 779mm wide. Built-in WLAN for internet and…
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Panasonic TZ Wall Mounted Air Conditioning CS-Z50ZKEW / CU-Z50ZKE, 5.0kW/18000Btu Compact Inverter A++ Built-in-Wifi

Panasonic TZ Air conditioning range, Compact and elegant design with only 779mm wide. Built-in WLAN for internet and voice control. Infrared Sky Controller. Cleaner air with PM2,5 filter. Super Quiet! Only 20dB(A). More comfort with Aerowings. High energy savings

Key features:

  • Built-in WLAN and Compatible with Voice Assistance:  Ready to connect the unit to internet to be controlled by smartphone with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. Control, monitor, easy schedule with easy interface. By connecting Panasonic Comfort Cloud the unit can be managed by the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa*.
  • PM2,5: Particulate matter (PM2,5) can be found suspended in the air, including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. The filter can catch PM2,5 particles including hazardous pollutants as well as house dust and pollen and it is able to maintain clean the air of the room.
  • Stylish Infrared Controller: Enjoy innovative design at your fingertips with the new stylish and sleek Backlit Sky Controller. Bigger screen and easier to use.
  • Comfort that goes on and on with Shower Cooling: When the Aerowings twin blades direct air towards the ceiling they create the Shower Cooling effect. This ensures cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room and you can stay comfortable without experiencing continuous direct cooling.
  • Superior airflow control: Aerowings features two independent blades that give you more control over the direction of the airflow. Without Aerowings, with direct airflow, the target never changes, so you can easily begin to feel too cold as you are subjected to the continuous icy blast.
  • The New TZ :has width of just 779mm. This allows for more installation possibilities, including the limiting space above a door.

Warranty: This air conditioning system comes with 5 years manufacturer’s only parts warranty.

Please Note, this air conditioning system has to be installed by an F-GAS certified installer in accordance with F-GAS Regulations, and to validate and maintain the above manufacturers parts warranty, we have teams of installers and service engineers nationwide and we’d like to install this system for you, please contact us for installation price. Alternatively you may hire an F-GAS certified installer to install this system and provide us the evidence of it once installation is completed. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.
System Power: 5.0kW / 18000Btu

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