Samsung 360 Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning AC140RN4PKG-EU AC140RXADKG-EU

" 13.4kW/49000Btu 1PH 'Motion Sensor optional' "


Samsung 360° Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning AC140RN4PKG-EU / AC140RXADKG-EU 13.4kW/49000Btu Single Phase, Motion Detector Sensor is optional…
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Samsung 360° Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning AC140RN4PKG-EU / AC140RXADKG-EU 13.4kW/49000Btu Single Phase, Motion Detector Sensor is optional for square cassette panel.

The Samsung 360 Cassette has an innovative circular design that enables it to match
a multitude of interior designs, that adds a touch of style to any room. The Auto Elevation Panel provides quick and comfortable access to dust filters for cleaning. Its minimalistic and elegant styling can help to create a sophisticated and distinctive look in many different sites.
Circular Airflow Unlike traditional 4-Way Cassette air conditioning units, which create areas of uneven airflow2, the 360 Cassette reaches every single corner of a room or space. Its circular outlet blows cool air in every direction. The blade-less design keeps things comfortably cool without creating a cold draft3, and without blades blocking the airflow it sends 25% more air even further.
Airflow Control The air supply is easily adjusted without the use of flaps. Three booster fans work
to alter the direction of airflow from within the cassette’s hollow space. A rain-like distribution of the air (known as the ‘coanda’ effect) keeps the room cool and comfortable at all times. The innovative technology overcomes the usual limits of the conventional outlets that use blades, as they obstruct the air at low angles and cause a significant low airflow4. The Motion Detector Sensor (MDS) is available for the 360 Cassette.
Air Purification Panel The Samsung 360 Cassette offers a Purifying Panel that keeps the indoor air fresh and clean. It is made of a two filter purification system the pre-filter and the PM1.0 Filter and has a superior filter mesh with 0.5mm holes, which is 20% denser than a vinyl chloride type filter. The Pre-Filter captures larger dust particles, stopping them from entering the air conditioning unit. The PM1.0 Filter is not only effective at capturing ultrafine dust of up to 0.3μm in size, but it also sterilizes up to 99% of certain types of bacteria5 trapped by the filter using an electrostatic precipitator5.

Key Features:

  • 360° air supply.
  • Blade-less discharge thanks to three small booster fans.
  • Built-in condensation drain pump (750 mm).
  • High ceiling mode for heights up to 4.6 m (12.8/14.0 kW), 3.9 m (11.2 kW), 3.5 m (4.5~9.0 kW).
  • SPi Ioniser (optional)*.
  • Circular or square cassette panel.
  • Motion Detector Sensor is optional for square cassette panel.

Warranty: This air conditioning system comes with 5 years manufacturer’s parts only warranty.


Samsung-360 Cassette
Please Note, this air conditioning system has to be installed by an F-GAS certified installer in accordance with F-GAS Regulations, and to validate and maintain the above manufacturers parts warranty, we have teams of installers and service engineers nationwide and we’d like to install this system for you, please contact us for installation price. Alternatively you may hire an F-GAS certified installer to install this system and provide us the evidence of it once installation is completed. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.
System Power: 13.4kW / 49000Btu
Features: Motion Detection Optional

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